The Early Snowbird Catches the Profit


A sausage-style brand new turkey, bacon and cranberry cracker promises to vie with established party food favorites like Mini Burgers as the top seller among Snowbird foods’ just launched innovative new Christmas selection.

Cranberries also feature, along with cinnamon and nutmeg, in a pork based stuffing ball which is guaranteed to add zest to any Christmas dinner. Traditional flavours of stuffing balls, like Pork, Sage & Onion and Sage and Onion, also feature alongside one which features Pork & Smoked Bacon.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a traditional sausage and Snowbird’s award-winning Gourmet Plus Cumberlands are available as jumbos, standards, cocktails and minis. For the adventurous there is a pork and haggis variant whilst those with traditional tastes could prefer Pork and Turkey Chipolatas. For hand-held eating, there is a sufficiency of the makings for a chunky turkey sandwich to be made much more interesting by a mix of cranberry sauce, grated stuffing, mayo and rocket.

“We challenged our NPD team to help caterers make the coming Christmas extra special and they have exceeded our expectations,” said commercial director Helen Swan.