Evoiki Zimi Presents Crust Fillo Pastry


Evoiki Zimi S.A. has been in the export business for more than 20 years and expands every year its geographical distribution. One of its major products is crust fillo pastry made with fine flour and the particular recipe of Zimi Psachnon. Resilient and soft, it is easy to use. Ideal for cooking and pastry making. Professionals or not, trust crust fillo pastry of Zimi Psachnon because of its elasticity and flexibility, it can be used for both sweet and savory creations such as baklava, lemon pie, orange pie, mince meat pie, cheese pie, mini triangle pies, roll pies etc. Crust fillo pastry is distributed in Europe (Austria, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Baltic States, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Holland), Asia (China, Singapore) and Middle East (Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar), North America (Canada, United States of America).