German Foodservice Market – Exotic Trends and Fusion Cuisine

For food manufacturers, the cost of goods employed are of particular interest. Bulk consumers from catering services for company cafeterias, hospitals/home for the aged, cafeterias at universities, and schools (not including day care centers, which are difficult to quantify) have bought food for a good 11 billion € in 2014.

With its procurement volume “food”, the two first ones with 7.3 resp. 3.2 billion € are the largest among bulk consumers. Among gastronomes, the franchising companies/ brand-name catering and the many owner-operated restaurants make up the largest segment with 1.4 resp. 3.0 billion €. The last ones are delivered by wholesale delivery services, in part, but buy frequently in cash and carry markets. The big players in franchise ca-tering refrain partly from classical trading activities and work together with brokers.

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