Salomon Starts the Finger Food Revolution


Salomon has expanded its range of pulled meat products with the introduction of a new type of finger food: Salomon FoodWorld Pulled Pork Bites.

“This type of meat is a new trend that also incorporates other trends at the same time: slow cooked homemade style, and the BBQ evergreen. Available in such a variety of styles, Pulled Meat is ranking at the top among trend-oriented guests. As the specialist in foodservice, Salomon FoodWorld® is lifting its range of Pulled-Meat products to the next level: What has usually been offered in one piece is now discreetly pre-seasoned, portioned and reshaped by Salomon FoodWorld® – for new product experiences and new dining events,” according to company representatives.

Salomon says there are multiple benefits for the customer, including flexible product availability, easy food preparation, additional sales options and a higher average transaction. With a crunchy breading and a tender heart, the Pulled Pork Bites come from a gently cooked pork shoulder and are refined with BBQ sauce, strips of white cabbage, Jalapeño cubes and onions, in a coarse crunchy breading.