Sorrento’s Mini Pizza Snacks


A range of Mini pizza snacks in different appealing shapes, hand-shaped one by one, available in mixed-flavor bags. Delicious, convenient, artisanal looking. Made of naturally leavened pizza dough, shaped by hand, topped with tasteful ingredients, baked in stone oven, frozen. Bags are mixed with three flavors, both retail and foodservice package are available. Ready in five minutes in a fan oven, directly from frozen. Ideal for aperitifs, as a starter, for buffet, for home parties. Products in the range: Piccoli di Sorrento, Pazzette, Bouquet, Baby Filling, Carusino. Topped with: ham&mozzarella, tomato&mozzarella, courgette&red onion, salami&peppers, cep mushroom&mozzarella, spinach&parmesan, and many more.