Clean Label Will Become a Revolution in Frozen Food, Mintel

The importance of clean label products will grow exponentially on the frozen food segment, according to a Mintel presentation, held during the recently held Wabel Frozen Summit in Paris.

“Clean label has become a revolution. Companies continue to remove artificial ingredients to be on the safe side and to appeal to more consumers. Clean label remains a key focus in frozen food and ingredients such as flavor enhancers, food acids, thickeners, modified starches, stabilizers are much less used today, than a few years back,” said a Mintel analyst.

Another trending consumer behavior is the preference for meat-free products, as one in three consumers are reducing their meat intake in Europe, with Italy recording the highest number in this regard. As a consequence, meat substitutes in frozen food will grow in importance as well and meat alternatives are already part of the future and the focus of a growing number of producers. Lastly, frozen seafood and fish are expected to gain traction too, according to Mintel.