Loryma Showcases Prototype for Vegan Fish Created from Wheat-based Ingredients

Ingredients specialist Loryma has developed several application recipes for vegan tuna that deliver authentic, fibrous sensory qualities and a delicate texture. The fish alternative can be prepared in the same way as the original, and promises an identical mouthfeel, according to a press release.

Loryma offers application possibilities for the creation of deli and frozen food products, as well as a classic canned version. Manufacturers can adapt and flavour all concepts individually.

In order to achieve a realistic texture, fine Lory Tex Snips and long, fibrous Lory Tex Fibres are mixed together and then rehydrated with water. This blend can be further processed with colourings and flavourings to prepare various foodstuffs, such as meatballs, deli salads and toppings for frozen foods.

For an authentic eating experience, Loryma has also developed a recipe for fish-free tuna in a can. The concept combines Lory Tex Snips and Lory Tex Fibres with the wheat protein-based binder Lory Bind and the modified wheat starch Lory Starch Pearl. The result is a bound mass with loose texture that is then soaked in oil and packed in cans. The product is heated in an autoclave under high pressure, the same as for conventional tuna. This process allows for a long shelf life while the heat- and process-stable ingredients maintain optimal sensory properties.

The canned tuna alternative can be used in the same way as the original, for example, as a pizza or salad topping. The plant-based version contains around 19g of protein per 100g thanks to the extruded wheat protein, making it a valuable source of protein.

“Fish stocks are becoming increasingly scarce due to overfishing of the oceans. Therefore, we offer a sustainable, authentic alternative using wheat, which we source mainly regionally in Germany. The sensory properties of our vegan version are every bit as good as the original. In addition, we are more than happy to support our customers in the development process and to customise the concept according to their own ideas,” according to Norbert Klein, head of Research & Development at Loryma.

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