Lutosa Showcases New Products

Lutosa, active in more than 140 countries, is celebrating its 45 years of acquired know-how in the potato processing industry.

Besides its extensive range of frozen fries and potato specialties, be inspired by the latest sensations in the Crispy Flavoured range: Lutosa Smoky Barbecue Fries, Lutosa Spicy Fries, and Salted Coated Rustic Fries in the Crispy Salted range.

On top of that,the company is presenting the Lutosa Mozzarella Sticks, the latest addition to its finger food offering.

Lutosa Smoky Barbecue Fries offer a unique sensory experience with their smoky flavour and seasoning.

The Smoky Barbecue Fries are a carefully balanced blend of barbecue spices, wood smoke, and a touch of salt.

Lutosa Salted Coated Rustic Fries are both chunky, skin-on and salted ‘just like in the olden days’. They are coated and salted both inside and out, resulting in a crispy bite.

Lutosa Mozzarella Sticks are lightly seasoned and have a delicious cheese taste. Made with only real mozzarella cheese, a firm and crispy breading reveals a creamy center, offering a comforting and addictive culinary experience.

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