OREO Frozen Treats Extends Their Mint Line-Up

The OREO brand is expanding the brand’s Mint Frozen Treats lineup to include snackable bars and sandwiches, and a 14oz scoopable tub.

The launch of the newest additions to the lineup comes just two years after the brand first introduced OREO Frozen Treats and one year after the expansion to Mint flavor with the launch of a 48oz tub in 2023. The new OREO Mint Frozen Treats releases include OREO Mint Bars feature sweet mint creme-flavored base packed with OREO cookie pieces, dipped in a delicious coating made from crushed OREO wafer pieces; and OREO Mint Sandwiches feature sweet mint creme-flavored base mixed with OREO cookie pieces, sandwiched between two big OREO cookie wafers.

OREO Mint 14oz tubs feature sweet mint creme-flavored base with OREO cookie pieces packed in a scoopable tub that makes it easy to enjoy the frozen treat, the company says.

“It’s been two years since the OREO brand first debuted in the freezer aisle with OREO Frozen Treats,” says Caroline Suppiger, senior associate brand manager OREO US. “OREO as a brand is always testing new ways to reinvent our unique and fan-favorite cookie. This philosophy extends to the Frozen Treats line as well, which is why this year we are so excited to expand our OREO Mint portfolio with three new tasty frozen treat varieties.”

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