Revyve Debuts Egg Replacer Ingredient for Plant-based Burgers

The food technology business Revyve has figured out how to take out chemicals and texturizers originating from animals while still giving burgers a juicy bite.

Revyve is launching their high-performance egg replacement ingredient at IFT FIRST 2024, opening up a whole new realm of food texture. The sensory experience that customers anticipate from their cuisine is provided by Revyve. The egg substitute that is clean and little processed is the first to be widely accessible in the commercial market.

Eggs have long been used as a standard binder and texturizer in processed foods like plant-based and meat burgers. Manufacturers have recently been looking for more ethical and sustainable alternatives to eggs. The popularity of eggs has also declined due to fluctuating costs, erratic availability, worries about food safety, and allergy hazards.

It’s difficult to replicate the functionality of eggs without the use of emulsifiers, hidden starches, strange binders, or E-numbers. Additionally, customers are reluctant to give up the distinctive mouthfeel and texture that eggs add to burgers and other dishes.

Plant-based foodies and flexitarians who are concerned about the environment would never compromise on the texture and appearance of plant-based cuisine, particularly burgers. They also want cuisine that is simpler, easier to understand, and has a short ingredient list.

“The science-backed ingredients revyve has pioneered produce the sensory appeal that consumers want in burgers,” says Cedric Verstraeten, CEO of revyve. “Revyve delivers the meatiness and juicy firmness that cater to consumer appetites. These nutritious, wholesome ingredients are all-natural and non-GMO. There’s more to come in Q3 2024 when we release our gluten-free, allergen-free ingredients.”

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