SIGEP Attends Summer Fancy Food Show


SIGEP Rimini, Italian Exhibition Group’s International Expo for Artisan Gelato, Confectionery and Bakery production and the Coffee sector will attend at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2018 (Javits Center, New York, from 30th June to 2nd July).

The USA represents a priority market for the expansion of food service’s “sweet” product chain. Fancy Food is the main expo in North America dedicated to the most innovative specialty foods from all over the world. Consequently, SIGEP has included Summer Fancy Food in the promotional schedule of its 40th anniversary (at Rimini Expo Centre from January 19th to 23rd 2019 when the USA will return as a key player with a large delegation of highly profiled buyers, thanks to the strategic collaboration with ITA – Italian Trade Agency).

SIGEP will take part in Fancy Food Show in New York City with an inviting series of “gelato & coffee experiences”, tasting sessions of artisan gelato, espresso coffee and cappuccino combined with croissants, proposed by qualified master gelato makers and professional baristas.

SIGEP will be key player on the inaugural day of 30th June (at 12:15 pm, in the conference room of the River Pavilion) with a seminar entitled “Market Trends for Artisan Gelato in the United States” by the illustration of the artisan gelato product chain, its origins, the current trend in the United States and of some product innovations which contribute to the production of what can be described as a true all-Italian “specialty food”. A product that has risen to be one of the emblems of Italian-made products, as is shown firstly by the success of the Gelato World Tour, and now the Gelato Festival, of which – in various cities in the United States – SIGEP was and is the protagonist.

Highlighting artisan gelato at the Summer Fancy Food Show is possible thanks to the collaboration formed between Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), Italy’s first exhibition and convention provider and the Specialty Food Association (SFA), the leading association of food and beverage chain entrepreneurs, the organizer of the event.