Spiral Freezers – Binding Time, Costs and Energy

As the demand for frozen food products increases, so do advances in technology and equipment needed to process it. An example of such a category is the spiral freezers: today’s requirements for this particular machinery can be described as smarter, faster, long-lasting and able to withstand and carry more load.
Energy efficiency, hygiene and total cost of ownership are also issues that are becoming more important, which is why producers of spiral freezers and conveyor belts are turning to their R&D departments for innovation and new ideas, a requirement which enables them to take the lead in today’s competitive market.In fact, energy efficiency has become so important that it does not only refer to the actual power needed to run a freezer, but also to the energy to defrost and clean the machinery. Added to this, mechanical reliability is also an important factor, which is why producers such as JBT focus on extremely  low belt forces that provide long belt life and reliability in the spirals.

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