Study: Ice Cream is Consumers’ #1 Favorite Dessert

ice cream

A recent study from Datassential sheds light on the latest trends in desserts. According to the data 93% of the total of 2,531 consumers included in the study say they have eaten a dessert item in the past week, while 40% say desserts are an everyday treat.

Datassential has conducted the research with the aim to identify dessert consumers and their consumption habits and preferences, as well as determine preferred dessert locations, segments and attributed away from home, among other things.

The firm found that younger consumers (Millennials) tend to look more than older guests to signature desserts at restaurants. The most popular dessert is ice cream (90%), followed by Chocolate Chip Cookie (86%). Other frozen treats in the Most Loved Desserts top are Ice Cream Sandwich (83%), Soft Serve Ice Cream (81%) and Ice Cream Cake (76%).

The report also found that frozen desserts adorned with a wide assortment of indulgent topping were high in consumers’ preferences. These products usually pose a strong visual appeal and score very well, for example, the Pumpkin Muffin Sundae – a pumpkin muffin topped with ice cream and drizzled with fosters sauce – or the Salty Donut Concrete, which features vanilla frozen custard blended with the donut, banana, and salted caramel.