Supree’s Showcases First Product Line

NRGene Technologies has presented Supree (Supree-Zanim), its newly established FoodTech subsidiary, that specializes in innovative fruit and vegetable varieties that naturally self-dry on the vine while maintaining nutritional value and flavor.

Supree’s first product line is a unique semi-dried tomato varieties that stand out for their delicious taste, high nutritional value and one year frozen shelf-life. The uniqueness of these varieties is in their skin’s structure that is filled with microcracks which enables natural moisture evaporation. This natural drying process preserves the rich taste, vibrant color, vitamins, and antioxidants, resulting in a superfood that loses about 80% of its original weight when ripe, intensifying flavor and nutritional concentration, according to a press release.

Supree’s semi-dried tomatoes are perfect for various culinary applications from snacks, salads and cooked dishes, baked goods, and even desserts. The thawed product retains its quality, texture, and nutritional value and is available throughout the year, regardless of growing season. The tomatoes can also serve as a versatile natural ingredient. Tomato powder derived from these tomatoes enriches processed food products across various industries, including meat products, meat substitutes, healthy beverages, and snacks.

Presently, Supree is targeting premium B2B markets in Israel, Europe, and the Middle East, including restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and food manufacturers.

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