Trends in the frozen food industry in Europe, ready meals, ice cream, frozen vegetables and other industries.


Great Potential for Italian Frozen Food Companies

November 10, 2020

Companies producing frozen food in Italy, especially those whose core business is pizzas, recipe products (especially pasta dishes), and in general products directly derived from Made in Italy, in the […]


Plant-based Meat: An Expanding Trend

October 22, 2020

Substitutes for animal protein are firmly set in most consumers’ everyday lives, and although vegan or vegetarian do not represent recent eating habits, they do seem to be adopted by […]


Vegan Diets Now More Appealing, Millennials Say

June 10, 2020

The prospect of a vegan diet packed with chickpeas, lentils, and quinoa appears to be more tempting as of late, according to a report from market intelligence agency Mintel. The […]

sugar reduction

Sugar Reduction Remains Top Priority for Producers

November 18, 2019

Sugar reduction remains a central topic among consumers, and opportunities for reducing sugar intake are taking a number of directions as companies address evolving concerns and demands, according to a […]


Sauces to Remain Key to Ethnic Food Popularity

August 9, 2019

Beyond looking at select international ethnic cuisines, restaurant operators are increasingly preferring to work on incorporating sauces from various cuisine styles around the globe to mix up their menus, according […]

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