WikiFoods Launches Frozen Food in Edible Packaging

WikiFoods, Inc. has developed an innovative, plastic-free food and beverage packaging technology, called WikiPearls.

The packaging is made of two parts: the “heart” – the food or beverage and the “skin” – which is a protective electrostatic gel formed by harnessing interactions between natural food particles, nutritive ions and a polysaccharide.

“Inspired by the way nature packages fruits and vegetables, these skins are delicious protective coatings against water loss and contaminant entry, and potential carriers of effective and functional nutrition”, says the company in a statement.

The WikiFood technology protects the wrapped food or beverage without exposing it to unnatural materials or chemicals, while also delivering benefits of health, convenience and a new food experience.

The packaging is suitable for various food applications, such as ice cream, cheese, and frozen yogurt, fruits, vegetables, water, cocktails and soups.