New Low Carb Pizza from Cappello’s

Cappello’s debuted its newest perspective on pizza, Low Carb Lifestyle Uncured Pepperoni Pizza. The brand has meticulously chosen a list of simple, real-food ingredients that turn the pizza paradigm on its head and deliver true pizza taste and texture. This low carb, high-nutrition option is the ultimate find for Keto enthusiasts, Keto diet dabblers, and general low carb seekers, according to the company.

While trendy eating habits such as vegan are on the decline within the frozen entree set, keto / low carb foods continue to grow by 10% within the category. Even given that growth, low carb, frozen pizza has yet to be thoughtfully developed, until now. Cappello’s has discovered the breakthrough for creating a low carb option that delivers on real pizza taste and texture without compromising on convenience or nutrition.

This brand is the first CPG team to identify and utilize the magic of turnips in a frozen meal. This small but mighty vegetable brings fiber, iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants to each slice of this delectable pizza. With the addition of the Low Carb Lifestyle Uncured Pepperoni to Cappello’s premium black box line of pizzas, the brand continues to rethink the frozen aisle in a bigger way, showcasing its obsession with creating the best-tasting foods with the cleanest ingredient ledgers possible.

Pepperoni is America’s favorite pizza topping and accounts for 33% of sales within the frozen pizza category. Thanks to Cappello’s, those who strive to eat less carbs can enjoy the Low Carb Lifestyle Uncured Pepperoni guilt free since it comes in at just 6g of net carbs per serving and is packed with a nutritional punch of healthy fats and protein. This pizza is also rich in fiber which aids low carb eaters with digestion, gut-health, bloating, and feeling energized. Cappello’s has figured out the missing link in any low carb diet – pepperoni pizza.