Going Digital to Fight Food Waste

January 15, 2020

The scale of the global food waste problem is staggering. With one-third of the total amount of food produced globally being misused, the industry needs to look towards innovation and […]


Working Towards a Sustainable Food System

November 29, 2019

In a recent article, TOMRA’s Sustainability and Strategy Director Nicolai Prytz takes a look at how businesses, consumers and policymakers can help make the future of food sustainable. With a […]


NFRA Unveils Educational Program to Tackle Food Waste

August 28, 2019

The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) in partnership with education curriculum specialists Young Minds Inspired (YMI) has developed a No Taste for Food Waste education program meant to […]


Bühler Networking Days Focuses on Sustainability

August 26, 2019

Over 800 decision-makers and partners of the global food and mobility industries are meeting August 26-27, 2019 to attend the second Bühler Networking Days in Uzwil. The focus of the […]


Why Packaging Plays a Critical Role

August 19, 2019

Food packaging technology refers to the technologies and machinery used for packaging food products such as dairy products, bakery products, confectionery products, convenience food products, poultry, seafood, and meat products, […]


The Foodservice and Its Food Waste Issues

April 26, 2018

Food waste and cost saving: this combination is skin-tight and an important factor of influence for the commercial success in corporate and community catering as well as in gastronomy. Whoever […]

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