Anuga FoodTec: What Are the Cobots?


A new generation of robots is on the verge of making the breakthrough in the food and beverage industry: the cobots. Equipped with collaborating arms, sensitive sensors and cutting-edge safety technology, the autonomous lightweight robots will work hand in hand with the employees in future.

Anuga FoodTec from 20 to 23 March 2018 in Cologne will inform the visitors about what opportunities this interaction between humans and machines will bring the production and logistics, both in the form of new products presented by the exhibitors as well as in the event program. From super-fast carton packing machines with an integrated Delta picker, through to the articulated arm robot with a load capacity of one ton – the solutions presented on-site also offer everything needed to increase productivity and further push the automation in the direction of Industry 4.0. Among other things, special ‘guided tours’ and the forum on Resource Efficiency will also pick up on the themes automation and robotics.

Robots are a key component of the fourth industrial revolution and as a central element of automation indispensable today. Up until 2020, the global stock of industry robots will increase from around 1.8 million pieces in the year 2016 to over three million, with an upwards trend – according to the latest forecast of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR).

“The rapidly growing offer of models extends the fields of application for industry robots and gives companies of all sizes the chance to automate their businesses flexibly,” said IFR President Joe Gemma – good growth prospects for an industry that is striving to lend the classic industry robots increasing cognitive skills using intelligent technologies.

You can read more information on this topic, as well as on AnugaFoodTec in the next print issue of Frozen Food Europe