Intercool Welcomes New Sections

When it is a matter of quality, expertise and trends in the dairy products, frozen foods, meat and sausage products areas, then the three Düsseldorf food fairs InterMopro, InterCool and InterMeat are the highlights of 2012. This year, the three international trade fairs are being held from 23 to 25 September in Düsseldorf.
Celebrating its premiere this year is the “Best Innovation” initiative. Here all exhibitors have the opportunity to apply and enter their new products. A jury will make a pre-selection based on all entries from which the trade fair visitors can select their favorites for the 2012 Best Innovation Award. Another new feature this year is the “Best Practice” special area, which among others reflects the retail‘s great interest in the food fair trio, as the retail itself will be in action here: 18 renowned retailers, who have already impressively demonstrated in practical applications how to use creative ideas to transform a refrigerated counter into an eye-catcher, will be presenting their formulas for success live. According to the organizers, the “Germany at the counter” study, which is being presented at InterMopro, InterCool and InterMeat for the first time, will be particularly exciting. But the initial results already reveal: a surprisingly large number of factors anchored in depth psychology influence our purchasing decision in a completely sub-conscious way, particularly at the service counter and the self-service refrigerated fresh food counter. You will be able to find out just which factors these are and how retailers can skillfully use the knowledge of these factors in its dealings with their shoppers and its product presentation at the food trio in September.
(Inter)Meat is king
With turnover of EUR 33.5 billion, the meat products sector continues to be the leader in the German food industry by a long way. Despite all the scandals – for years it has owed this position to a really stable consumer trend – the German population is continuing to consume meat and processed meat products with a great appetite. In 2011 every private household in Germany purchased on average 31.6 kilos of meat products and spent around EUR 240 in the process. In this connection, sausage and processed meat products, in particular, are continuing to enjoy great popularity. According to Nielsen, in 2011 in the self-service sector alone, food retail registered a two-percent rise in sales volume and increased turnover of almost three percent to EUR 6.7 billion.
Current consumer and nutritional trends are, of course, a key growth engine. A large variety of high-quality specialties, low-calorie products, convenience and snack articles and regional articles are a must when it comes to organizing and structuring the product range. The emotional and appetizing presentation of the meat and sausage product section is a further key component of success. Retailers are also called upon to take proper account of the different types of customer: the experience, theme and service-orientated customers at the meat and sausage counter, the buyer who for lack of time prefers to buy self-service goods, and those customers, who depending on the occasion, sometimes decide on the service counter and sometimes on the self-service shelves. Not least the customers’ price orientation and purchasing power also play a key role in the respective catchment area.
Mex-Al presents Guacatropic at InterCool
For more than 25 years the German-Mexican Import company Mex-Al in Aachen, Germany have been active in the import and distribution of Mexican food and drinks to food service and private customers in Germany and other countries of the EU. One of the classic standard products is the well-accepted ready to serve cocktail Margarita Careyes, which Mex-Al have been carrying in their drinks assortment for over 20 years. It is produced and bottled in Mexico and is based on lemon juice, tequila and orange liqueur, with 19.5 % alc/vol. It is bottled in bottles of 700 ml each, with 12 btl/case. Newly added to the company’s range is Guacatropic, a tropical fruit mix, based on avocado pulp, grapefruit, lemon and fructose. The product is deep frozen in poly bags of 500 g, with 12 bags per case.
This new mix of mainly avocado and grapefruit tastes wonderfully fresh and fruity. The product is from Uruapan, a traditional city in the federal Mexican State of Michoacan. The subtropical surrounding of Uruapan is one of the largest growing areas for avocado trees worldwide, in fact it is often considered to be the ancient origin of avocados. Many old and new recipes based on avocados stem from this region. Just try GUACATROPIC for example as a sweet dip, for salad sauces, in sorbets or ice-cream and especially for cocktails with and without alcohol. Mexicans prefer Guacatropic to prepare GUACAMAYA Cocktails. (The colorful parrots and aras of Mexico are called Guacamayas). GUACATROPIC is ideal to prepare tropically fresh and colorful and tasty cocktails like for example Avocado-Margaritas.  The company suggests a standard recipe using their new product, that may help you get started developing your own personal creations:
Guacamaya-Cocktail, tropical and fruity
Ingredients for three cocktails of 250 – 300 ml each
250 g Guacatropic (defrosted in fridge)
500 ml water
tequila, vodka, rum, as preferred.
Preparation: mix Guacatropic and water well in a blender or shaker and serve like this as tropical drink. Add crushed ice as needed. Mix in alcohol, as preferred, like tequila, vodka or rum and serve as colorful cocktail. Buen provecho y salud!

InterMopro, InterCool and Inter Meat 2012 are open from Sunday, 23 September to Tuesday, 25 September 2012 in exhibition halls 9 and 10 at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, each day from 10.00 am – 6.00 pm. The day ticket costs EUR 33.-, when purchased online EUR 21.-. A two-day ticket is available for EUR 50.-, online for EUR 38.-. All admission tickets entitle the holder to free travel to and from the event using local transport operated by the Rhine-Ruhr Transport Authority (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr – VRR). For provisional exhibitor lists and other information go to:, and