Dossier: Trends to Fuel Frozen Food’s Growth in 2020


In 2020 there is a series of trends that is expected to manifest in frozen foods. With a new decade just around the corner, what’s the next big thing we should expect in the category?

According to data shared by Innova Market Insights at Anuga, “discovery”, “plant-based” and “alternatives” are some of the main directions consumers are headed towards. Since the annual growth of frozen food launches tracked with a “discovery” claim has risen by 18% between 2014 and the present day, manufacturers have started to respond to this preference.

At the same tie, plant-based alternatives are also witnessing a momentum in the frozen food industry, which makes the “plant kingdom” another major trend that will extend well into 2020. Since consumers’ focus on health is sharpening, an increasing number of frozen food manufacturers have proceeded to “green-up” their portfolio by including a variety of green ingredients into their new product innovations.

Fueled by consumers’ interest in healthy, as well as for ethical foodstuffs, the alternative market shows no sign of slowing down, says Innova. This has created the “Alternative to All” trend in frozen food which has given rise to surprising products such as non-dairy ice cream, meatless burgers, and vegan pizza, just to name a few.

As you will see in the latest edition of our Frozen Food Dossier, these trends are very well evidenced in all the major categories of frozen food, which are poised to continue their ascent in the year to come. To read more about next year’s trends in frozen food, we invite you to access our newest Dossier by clicking here.