Food Union Presents Summer 2022 Novelties

Ice cream and dairy production and distribution group Food Union has launched its summer novelties. Food Union has invested in the development of around 80 unique products across global markets, including its key markets such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, and Romania.

According to a company statement, Food Union has created a spectrum of novel ice creams spanning from healthy alternatives of vegan and low-cal ice cream through to bold experiments with mixology of crispy, crunchy and juicy textures, as well as carefully designed flavors that meet local preferences.

“Our approach to developing and launching new and exciting ice cream novelties stands out in the new product portfolio of 2022. It has products that represent global trends and very classic and locally recognizable flavours in a new interpretation. It contains exciting products for children and products for very mature and refined tastes. It has ice creams rich in cream and low-calorie and vegan products. Finally, this portfolio is designed to make ice cream available to anyone,” says Artūrs Čirjevskis, CEO of Food Union in Europe.

Among the 2022 novelties are Premia watermelon sorbet on a stick, available in Estonia and Lithuania; Hjem-IS Nul Vaffel Karamel – Zero added sugar Cone with caramel and salted Almond flakes, available in Denmark; Underground Vegan Raspberry ice cream with liquorice and chili in 500 ml pint, available in Denmark; Underground Vegan Banana and cocoa flavoured ice cream in 500 ml pint, available in Denmark; Premier Is VegaNice raspberry vegan ice cream with liqorice sauce in a black wafer cone in a single format, available in Denmark; and ICE POP COOL lemonade ice lolly with mint on a stick, available in Romania.