Foodiq Showcases New Ingredient for Next Generation Plant-based Products

A ground-breaking new ingredient has been developed by the Finnish company Foodiq, whose mission is to provide sustainable solutions to solve problems related to the future of food. This ingredient has the potential to finally make it possible for plant-based food alternatives to go global. The ingredient, which goes by the name Fabea+ and is made up of fermented fava beans, provides a more nutrient-dense, environmentally friendly, and scalable alternative to conventional plant-based ingredients like soy, pea, or oats that are used in the market.

This brand-new component provides a blank slate for the production of virtually any plant-based product, as it doesn’t have any undesirable side flavors and doesn’t make any sacrifices in terms of either the flavor or the texture of the final product. This fermented powder form is new and unique to the industry, while the use of fermentation as a process makes it possible to achieve a truly “tasteless” taste profile. Typically, fava beans are only utilized in the form of isolates and concentrate.

“We turned fermented fava beans into a Nordic magic powder able to upgrade your product to the next level, whether it’s dairy, grain, or meat. Thanks to our unique, industrial-scale manufacturing process, combined with natural fermentation, Fabea+ has a neutral taste and no odor. It is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and suitable for FODMAP diet” explains Pasi Raito, chief business officer at Foodiq.

The market for plant-based meats is currently experiencing growth problems, as evidenced by sales that have leveled off and brands’ struggles to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive environment. Foodiq is confident that this innovation will make it possible for food producers all over the world to create new products and improve upon existing ones in a way that will appeal to customers everywhere. At the FI Europe food convention that took place in December, Fabea+ was introduced to the industry. There, it was met with enthusiasm by professionals working in the food industry and was shortlisted for the innovation prize category.

The Finnish company Foodiq Oy was established in 2015, and it provides the private as well as the public sector with product development and production services for plant-based products. Because of the innovative manufacturing processes that have been developed by the company, it is now possible to manufacture plant-based products that do not contain any additives. Foodiq has locations in both Finland and the United Kingdom. Foodiq was able to expand its global operations after raising USD15.3m from investors in the year 2022.

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