Froneri Continues to Invest in Innovation


Fast-growth ice-cream company Froneri recently announced its annual results for the year that ended 31 December 2018. During the period the firm said it increased its revenue with 3.6% to EUR2.6bn, up from EUR2.5bn in 2017.

According to a press release, Global A brands revenue grew by 17.9% driven by successful marketing and promotional investment. Furthermore, private label revenue was up by 13.7% supported in part by hot summer weather in Q2 2018.

In 2018 Froneri also poured significant investments in innovation and capability of EUR193.7, an increase from EUR105.4 a year before.  Moreover, the company optimized performance by introducing the latest technologies in the international market with 12 new lines established.

Froneri also focused on launching A brands into new markets during 2018. As a result, Mondelēz is now available in 17 countries, and the Extrȇme brand made a debut on the UK and Spain market. The firm also reported successful rejuvenation of well-loved local jewels, for example, the relaunch of Mövenpick in Germany.

“In the last year we have been strengthening the fundamentals we have in place and we’ve been winning market share. Our employees are central to this success. Our ‘glocal’ approach empowers our people to make decisions centered around our values and culture.  We have actively worked towards leveraging and applying best practice from each country – building deep ice cream knowledge to embed the Froneri Way of Working,” said Froneri CEO Ibrahim Najafi.

The positive momentum has continued into 2019, with the launch of Nuii supported by international advertising campaigns, the further optimization of the business and a number of significant strategic developments including the acquisition of New Zealand’s Tip Top.