Hobart’s Two-Level Washer Bags FSE Tomorrow Award


Commercial warewashing specialist Hobart, recently received the FSE Tomorrow Award for its Two-Level Washer. This innovation prize is awarded by Foodservice Equipment News based on a vote of the readers of the industry journal. With 917 of 1440 possible votes, Hobart’s latest innovation came in first in the ranking. The FSE Tomorrow Award distinguishes innovations launched during the last twelve months which potentially provide actual and sustainable improvements for the food service industry.

Two in One: The World’s First Two-Level Washer

With the Two-Level Washer, Hobart introduced the first commercial dishwasher on the market which has a second wash chamber for simultaneous washing. This means two levels are available for double the washing volume. By increasing the capacity per wash cycle, Hobart has significantly relieved the dishwashing staff’s workload.

“At peak times, the kitchen is always incredibly busy, and dishes must be washed fast to be ready for reuse quickly. Our Two-Level Washer is the perfect helper because it washes double the quantity of dishes in the same time. Furthermore, the dish and utensil washer is not only extremely efficient but also has a very small footprint, which makes it suitable also for smaller kitchens. Despite the second washing level and its compact design, the Two-Level Washer does not require more space than a conventional dishwasher,” said Manfred Kohler, vice president Sales and Manufacturing at Hobart GmbH.