Quorn Introduces Vegan Ultimate Burger


Quorn – a company specializing in frozen plant-based meals – has launched a new meat-free option. It is called the Vegan Ultimate Burger and is said to feature the same look, taste, and texture as a regular burger.

The new product contains beetroot juice to give the burger a realistic pink color and juicy quality, while the plant-based patty is soy-free. It can be either fried or grilled from frozen and contains 1.1g of salt and 14g of fat per 100g.

The burger will be available across all major retailers in the UK including Tesco starting April 15, Sainsbury on June 4, and in Asda at the beginning of July. The new product comes to join Quorn already extensive line-up which includes deli slices, sausages, and fishless fillets.

With interest in veganism being on the rise, Quorn has major expansion plans. Last year, the company opened a meat alternative factory in the UK which absorbed a GBP150m investment.