Consumers Going for Healthy and Premium Frozen Food, Euromonitor

The trend towards healthier frozen food options is growing in the European retail landscape, as is the desire to purchase more premium assortments, according to a Euromonitor presentation, held recently during the Wabel Frozen Summit in Paris.

Among the key features of frozen foods which consumers are interested in and willing to pay more for are natural, organic, clean and clear label, natural and convenient.

“According to data, per capita spending on frozen food has increased in all the major five European markets in the past five years. For example, in the UK, consumers spent on average EUR133 in 2015, compared to 127 in 2010, while the French spent EUR85, compared to EUR82,” said Ivan Koric, analyst at Euromonitor, during his presentation.

Another growing trend in retail is the increase in spending on the online channels, as internet shopping is quickly becoming a part of everyday habits for Europeans, Euromonitor says.

As a response to changing consumer preferences, manufacturers have come up with innovative products in recent times, such as seasonal and limited edition frozen food, attractive and convenient packaging, vegetarian, vegan and free-from editions, while at the same time emphasizing indulgence and the snacking trend.