DTI: “A life without frozen food is possible, but meaningless…”


DTI: US President Ronald Reagan declared in 1984 March 6th as the “Frozen Food Tasting Day” and March the “Frozen Food Month”.

By The German Frozen Food Institute

In Germany, every citizen consumes over 45kg of frozen foodstuffs every year and this segment is becoming more and more appreciated by consumers lately. When March was first declared the Frozen Food Month back in 1984, the per capita consumption of frozen foods in Germany was of only 17,2kg. In the meantime, it has more than doubled!

The American President Ronald Reagan not only showed a sort of clairvoyance, but also demonstrated belief in the growth potential for this industry. Therefore, his declarations made on the day mentioned above did not come out of nowhere, but was meant to draw interest and attention to future generations, on this tremendous discovery by the food industry.

A great success

While consumers in the USA were able to purchase frozen foods from retail outlets as far back as March 6 1930, in Germany, it took 25 years until this then new form of food was introduced on a large scale for shoppers. At present, frozen food has been available for purchase for over 60 years. In 1956, around 2,500 cases of refrigerated crates were available in German retail, in order to supply frozen food to consumers for the first time. Among those products, there were poultry, frozen fish, vegetables and fruit. In that same year, the German Frozen Food Chain was founded, a project from which the German Frozen Food Institute was born. Its scope was to promote and encourage frozen food consumption, image and notoriety, as well as sales in Germany.

These days, consumers can select over 17,000 products and frozen SKUs at a federal level, in almost all retail outlets. As such, each consumer can truly find something that is in accordance with their own taste.

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