Frostkrone Boosts Finger Food Selection for Foodservice Sector

The innovation driver in the world of finger food and snacks ramps up the game in the foodservice sector. In the coming months the Frostkrone Food Group will be significantly increasing its sales activities in this field with a view to gaining a bigger slice of market shares.

This means that, armed with its expertise, the Group can look forward to scoring high across all its eight corporate locations, according to a press release.

“All the ways in which we can apply and really make use of our varied and innovative product selection cover virtually every aspect found in the foodservice sector. And this is indeed an area where we have by no means shown everything that we have to offer,” explains Emiel Lommen, global commercial director of the Frostkrone Food Group, giving the reasons for the decision to hone in on the foodservice segment.

For many years now the Frostkrone Food Group has been regarded as an internationally popular partner, much in demand not only by the retail trade but also by the foodservice sector. The reason for its popularity is quite simple: this Group knows what finger food and snacks must have in order to win over the target group. During the pandemic, Frostkrone seized the opportunity of steadily expanding its position in the international retail trade. The foodservice sector, however, took a back seat at this time. Now the plan is to change this.

And the signs are promising because convenience foods are gaining ground in an increasing number of culinary scenarios. “When specialist staff are in short supply, then the products that we can offer provide the perfect solution. Our snacks enable guests to still be given the selection and the service that they expect,” Emiel Lommen goes on to explain. Indeed the finger food and snacks offered by the Frostkrone Food Group are also ideal for small kitchens. Preparing these dishes is so simple and there is no need for any kind of meal prepping beforehand.

Finger Food and Snacks for All Areas of the Foodservice Sector

Many segments in the foodservice sector are currently faced with enormous challenges. And it is not only the specialist staff shortage that is making life hard at this time. Skyrocketing prices and inflation make all kinds of planning a dodgy undertaking for gastro businesses.

Enter Frostkrone: the varied and extensive ranges, the vast experience, and the international presence have turned the Company Group into a strong partner for one and all. And this is particularly crucial in times when it is necessary to respond to customer requirements flexibly and to react to changing scenarios with foresight. The selection ranges from high-end catering such as Mini Corolles or Pastilla through street food like the ever so crunchy Crunchy Homies, which include amongst other treats Mozzarella Sticks, Chilli Cheese Nuggets and the brand new Beer Battered Gouda Rings, right up to the delicious Pizza Pockets available in so many different types and perfect for bake-off stations, petrol stations and kiosks.

With its vegan food range called Really?!, Frostkrone offers a huge selection of purely plant-based finger food and snack variations, which has just grown even bigger with the addition of vegan shrimps and calamari. A real highlight: it’s of top quality, is vegan and can be used so flexibly.

All the finger food products can be prepared in a flash and turned into crispy delights in every kind of usual cooking appliance such as an oven, hot air fryer, deep fryer and also a speed oven (e.g. Impinger, Turbochef). These tasty treats offer such a variety of ways in which to be eaten: as a classic finger food, as a snack or as a side dish.

State-of-the-Art Production Facilities and Increased Safety during Preparation

Not only does Frostkrone wish to create a particularly varied selection of foods but it also sets great store by technical advancement so as to guarantee a high level of service and safety for the foodservice sector. One challenge ever present during the preparation of such convenience foods for the catering world is the achieving of the correct core temperature so that human consumption of such products carries no risks and is quite safe.

During the last few years Frostkrone has worked on the very solution for this. Thanks to a cutting-edge installation at the Paderborn location in Germany, this necessary heating process during production has been successfully integrated. And this is the big advantage: staff do not have to give this issue a second thought and all the guests can relax and enjoy their meals, safe in the knowledge that there is no health risk.

The result is that this snack category of foods remains profitable and easy to handle. And furthermore, the finger food and snacks from Frostkrone never fail to impress with their long best-before date.

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