Givaudan Shares Five Consumer Trends to Help Tackle Market Disruptions

Consumer decision-making regarding their health, values, and habits is undergoing a rapid transition as a result of increasing inflationary pressures, climate change, and the shadow of COVID-19.

Givaudan’s most recent FlavourVision analysis, which it originally collaborated on with Canvas8, examines these changes through five consumer macro trends:

Green for me: turning to eco-actions that feel personal and relevant
Restorative care: adopting more intuitive restorative approaches to health
Stable connections: looking for a sense of stability and continuity, leaning on hyper-local and me-first mindsets
Sensorial renaissance: wanting to ‘feel’ more and seeking experiences that expand the boundaries of what is expected and possible
Augmented assistance: looking for proactive and personalised digital tools to help navigate and optimise life

The FlavourVision 2023 edition draws on the knowledge of recognized specialists in design, ethnography, futurology, holistic-wellness, sustainability, and sensory research in addition to gathering unique data from all around the world. A trend ambassador with reputable experience in each relevant field examined, developed, and analyzed each macro trend. The macro-trends were then verified and future-proofed with the aid of top authorities and futurists from the food and beverage sector to ensure their applicability.

Givaudan will release a mini-report that examines the “Augmented assistance” macro trend as a sneak preview of the research. This in-depth analysis, which was created in collaboration with one of the most prominent women in technology and a cyborg anthropologist, Amber Case, will examine the various ways that customers are looking for enhanced forms of support to lessen the hectic demands of daily life. The macro-trend’s consumer data will be made more understandable to readers, along with examples of creative ways in which brands are expressing it.

Givaudan are global leaders in Taste & Wellbeing and Fragrance & Beauty. Nearly 16,700 people were employed by Givaudan globally in 2022, and the company generated CHF 7.1 billion in sales with a free cash flow of 6.7%.

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