Frozen Processor Increases Yield with Digital Sorter


Emblème Canneberge was established by three families of experienced growers last year to add value to the supply chain by offering frozen cranberries of superior quality. To maximize quality while maintaining the highest process yield, they needed the best digital sorter for their application. They selected the VERYX® sorter from Key Technology. Key tailors every VERYX system around the product characteristics and production objectives of each processor to detect and remove more foreign material (FM) and defects from the product stream with virtually no false rejects.

“We wanted to work with Key because they have world-class equipment and support it with great service. We chose VERYX because it’s Key’s most advanced sorter,” said Vincent Godin, president of Emblème. “All of our customers have very high standards in the specifications of the cranberries they want. Key helps us achieve those high standards.”

To sort their frozen cranberries at the high throughput they needed, Emblème selected the chute-fed VERYX C140, which features a 1400 mm-wide inspection area that sorts up to 13.6 metric tons (30,000 lb.) of frozen berries per hour. Key equipped Emblème’s sorter with front- and rear-mounted laser scanners that operate within the visible light and near-infrared wavelengths. VERYX performs object-based sorting, recognizing both the colors of objects and their structural properties and selecting optimal ejection strategies for each item in the product stream.