More Options for Manufacturers

The rapid growth in demand for frozen food has rejuvenated the entire industry, having an impact on manufacturers and technology providers. Whether it’s cutting, sorting, or any other process on the way to creating the end product, manufacturers today have different options to choose from.

Urschel manufactures a number of different models including the DiversaCut® line. The DiversaCut 2110A®(DCA) Dicer for vegetables, fruits, and certain meats as the favorite/best-selling for dicing. The Sprint 2®Dicer (SPR2), Urschel’s lower capacity version of the DCA offers cutting solutions for smaller processors. Precision in dicing is where the DiversaCut line excels. The exactness of each cutting station in relation the next delivers accurate cuts within specified targeted parameters for less waste.

Recent additions to the DiversaCut line include the DiversaCut 2110A with Conveyor Discharge. This streamlines processors efforts to routinely discharge into totes and offers controlled and contained transfer points. „The E TranSlicer®Cutter (ETRS) is the answer when slicing elongated products such as carrots, celery, leek, or green beans for frozen vegetable processors. This belt-fed slicer may also reduce pepperoni (without peppercorns). Different cutting wheels allow for very thin to thicker slices and julienne cuts. Crinkle and flat knives are available. The machine is also available in a bias slice version to capture niche markets. The E TranSlicer line-up has continued to expand with the latest offering including a conveyor discharge to deliver similar benefits of those listed above in the DiversaCut option,” according to Mike Jacko, vice president of Applications & New Product Innovation at Urschel.

For frozen-tempered meats, bacon, or cheese, processors rely on the Affinity®Dicer (AFF) or the smaller Affinity Integra®Dicer (Integra) or Affinity®Integra-D Dicer (Integra-D) in lower capacity applications. The Affinity series is known for handling high-fat or products that are normally difficult to process. Both the AFF and Integra-D offer U.S.D.A. accepted models. A recent addition to the Affinity line is the large Affinity with a built-in precutter. „The new Affinity with precutter specializes in the processing of meat logs.

The precutter portion of machine is equipped with an affixed knife that works with the impeller to reduce the log as it enters a conical feeder. Reduced sections of the log then proceed to the other cutting stations to exit as dices or strips. The advanced design offers processors time-savings and reduces labor efforts by incorporating a precutter within the existing footprint of the Affinity Dicer. It eliminates the need for third-party precutting equipment to simplify production line complexity and cost,” Jacko adds. Aftersales services also represent a major business component for manufacturers. „The Urschel philosophy has remained the same since the inception of our company. The Urschel mandate is that no processor lose production due to unavailability of parts or service,” says Alan Major, chief sales officer, referring to the importance of aftersale services. „Any capital equipment purchase is only as good as the after sales support, and Urschel quality extends from the integrity in the craftsmanship found in every Urschel machine shipped, to delivering the best customer service in the industry.” He goes on to explain that Urschel continues to partner with processors all over the world wherever food is commerically processed. „Our commitment to the successful operation of our customers and to the food industry is evident by the amount of ongoing investment.

The investment in new offices around the globe. Investment in maintaining a multi-million dollar inventory to be able to ship parts on-demand, when customers need them. Urschel invests in research and development of new machinery and parts and the newest technology in manufacturing in order to deliver optimal parts to this thriving industry.” As such, Urschel provides complete support for the long life.

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