New Caramilk Range from Cadbury Ice Cream

The newest flavor of Cadbury ice cream, Cadbury Caramilk, has been introduced by the international ice cream manufacturer Froneri.

The debut of Cadbury Caramilk in February 2023 will include both sticks and tubs, ensuring that everyone may find their favorite ice cream. The Cadbury Caramilk ice cream line is the brand’s most recent introduction; it already offers well-known flavors including Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate sticks and Cadbury Dark Milk, which was just released.

The iconic flavor, which debuted as a confection in the UK in June 2021, is now offered in ice cream form. It has a velvety smooth center that is coated with a wonderful golden mixture of caramelized white chocolate that is derived from actual Cadbury Caramilk. The recently introduced Cadbury Caramilk ice cream stick has been well received by customers; therefore, the UK launch is intended to generate incremental growth and draw more Cadbury ice cream fans, with a special focus on the millennial population. The Cadbury Caramilk tub can help with this; it has a golden caramel chocolate center and is the ideal treat to enjoy with the family.

“Following the success of the confectionary range, we were able to see that customers desire to try new ice creams. The UK confectionary launch showed that 13 weeks from launch, Cadbury Caramilk became worth GBP15.45m, proving that it is a taste already loved by many,” said Brunhilde VanAntwerp, UK head of marketing for Cadbury ice cream.

With the launch of the new Caramilk line, Cadbury, the top supermarket brand in the UK and the fourth-largest brand of ice cream, is poised to increase its market share. As part of the sticks and tubs line, Cadbury Caramilk will be sold starting in February at ASDA and then at all major shops.

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