SÜDPACK To Focus on Sustainability at FachPack 2022

From processes, products, and technologies to the circular economy – SÜDPACK continues to set new standards with sustainable film and packag-ing concepts as well as responsible practices. Only recently, the company group joined the SBT initiative – and was also ranked 36th among the most sustainable medium-sized enterprises by WirtschaftsWoche. The film man-ufacturer’s forthcoming appearance at this year’s FachPack trade show is therefore all about sustainability.

In Nuremberg, SÜDPACK will demonstrate that sustainability – when planned holistically and implemented honestly – delivers immense benefits for people, the environment, and also the economy. In addition to optimiz-ing its own carbon footprint in line with the goal of NET ZERO, a major focus of the film manufacturer’s sustainability strategy is the development of high-performance structures that optimally meet current requirements in terms of recyclability and material efficiency. The best example of this is SÜDPACK’s innovative Pure-Line product family, which in addition to recy-clable mono-materials based on PP, now also includes solutions made of PE for diverse packaging concepts.

SÜDPACK expects its practical tubular bags to provide a powerful draw for the trade fair’s visitors. “We aligned our product range to meet the chang-ing requirements in the market at an early stage. As a result, we can now of-fer an attractive selection of highly efficient and recyclable solutions for a wide variety of food products. Currently, start-ups in the “new food” seg-ment are especially interested in our flow packs. And for meat products like minced meat or alternative sources of protein, this concept is nothing short of a packaging revolution,” confirms Valeska Haux, Vice President Strategic Marketing at SÜDPACK. Despite their low material thickness, these struc-tured materials based on Pure-Line films, which can be efficiently processed on horizontal and vertical flow pack lines, offer a degree of stability and product protection that is comparable to conventional packaging systems. Unlike tray packaging, material savings of up to 60 percent are possible, which also has a positive impact on CO2 emissions along the entire logistics chain.

In addition, SÜDPACK will put the spotlight on the new Doypacks in its Pure-Line range. Like the flow packs, these products can be equipped with barri-ers and functional properties to meet the respective requirements. As a stand-out feature, the barrier composite material, which was previously based on aluminium, has been replaced by a recyclable mono-plastic solu-tion made of polypropylene. This means that customers in this segment can now also benefit from an appealing and above all sustainable packaging concept – for example, for cured sausages and similar products – which meets the legislative requirements for recyclable packaging.