VERYX Digital Sorters for Green Beans


Key Technology introduces the VERYX family of digital sorters for green beans. These chute- and belt-fed sorters identify and remove extraneous vegetable matter (EVM), including stalks, calyx, stems and several other types of unwanted vegetable materials often found with harvested green beans, as well as beans with blemishes and foreign material (FM) such as sticks, wood, glass and more.

With optional three-way sorting, VERYX separates beans for rework while rejecting waste product and FM and passing good beans. Through improved sort accuracy, VERYX increases the removal of EVM, FM and defects to enhance product quality while virtually eliminating false rejects to maximize yield.

Ideal for many product varietals, VERYX can be tailored to sort whole or cut green beans, fresh or frozen, for fresh pack, frozen and canned product applications. These modular sorters are configured with the optimal sensor types, sensor positions, lighting, ejection system, product handling and software to meet the specific needs of each green bean processor. For multi-product lines that also process other vegetables such as cut corn, peas, carrots, beets and more, VERYX maximizes production flexibility with fast and accurate recipe-driven changeovers that ensure repeatable results.

VERYX features next-generation 4-channel cameras and laser scanners that offer twice the resolution of previous generation sensors. Leveraging Key’s unique multi-sensor Pixel Fusion™ detection technology and object-based recognition with advanced shape sorting algorithms, VERYX significantly improves detection accuracy. An innovative mechanical architecture, specialized product handling systems and new ejection system accurately separate EVM, FM and defects while virtually eliminating false rejects.

“At Key, we have a long history and deep expertise sorting green beans, so we’re in a great position to leverage our knowledge to improve the process, taking advantage of the newest detection technologies. We combine the most advanced green bean optical sorting with our mechanical grading and sizing systems and conveying solutions to help processors elevate their product quality and maximize yield,” said Marco Azzaretti, Advanced Inspection Systems product manager at Key Technology. “VERYX is an extremely versatile sorter. We customize each system to the exact needs the processor, considering the nuances of specific green bean varietals and regional differences in customer needs.”