Bridor Introduces Frozen Nordic Loaf


French bakery product manufacturing company Bridor has launched a Nordic Loaf, inspired by the traditional dark rye bread of Northern Europe.

Following a rich and tasty recipe based on buckwheat flour, rye flour, malted wheat, and malted barley, the loaf answers consumer demand for ‘better for you’ bread that delivers on taste and satisfaction.

The 330g loaf boasts a generous crunchy topping made from white sesame, poppy and yellow flax seeds.  Providing essential trace elements for the nutrition-conscious, the seeds also add flavor, texture and increase the breads visual appeal. The loaf’s crumb is dark and dense, yet it benefits from being both soft and easy to slice – The Nordic Loaf offers the perfect base for a snack or more substantial meal throughout the day.

The trend for Scandinavian goods has impacted the UK from furniture to food and is perfectly on trend for UK bread eaters. This latest offering additionally appeals to those looking for low gluten options and bakery products made with sourdough starters that deliver extra flavor. Ticking all the boxes, the Nordic Loaf delivers a satisfying malty taste and a look that is perfect for making trendy ‘open’ sandwiches – known as tartines in France.

Supplied frozen, the Nordic Loaf requires defrosting for up to 10 minutes before being heated at 200°C for 11-13 minutes. Supplied in boxes of 26 units and pallets of 32 boxes, the loaf is ideal for restaurateurs, hoteliers and foodservice outlets as well as a range of retail customers for a consistent product that customers will love.

Bridor was established in France, the home of bakery and bread, and boasts a long-standing heritage and expertise. Known for its ongoing innovation, Bridor draws inspiration from around the globe to deliver new and exciting products that appeal to an international audience.