Central Foods: KaterBake Belgian Waffles Now Suitable for Vegans

Central Foods, a provider of frozen foods, has declared that their well-liked KaterBake Belgian Waffle is now vegan.

The KaterBake Belgian Waffle is individually wrapped, has a 45-day defrosted shelf-life, and has the same fantastic taste as before but is now vegan-friendly thanks to a little recipe change.

It is prepared in Belgium, the waffle’s birthplace, using traditional pearl sugar, which caramelizes when heated for a deeper, sweeter flavor. Serve these wonderful waffles warm or at room temperature with a dairy-free cream or ice cream topping, fruit, and vegan chocolate sauce for a delectable sweet treat. They are perfect for fast food, street food, and even plated meals.

The KaterBake sweet and savory own brand bakery line is provided to the food service industry by Central Foods, and the Belgian Waffle is a component of that line.

According to Managing Director Gordon Lauder, “The demand for vegan options is growing, therefore it makes perfect sense to tweak recipes wherever we can to make them suitable for vegans to guarantee that our goods cater to as many customers as possible.” We were able to make our KaterBake Belgian Waffle vegan by making a small tweak to the recipe while maintaining the waffle’s great, original flavor.

The food service industry receives a variety of items from Central Foods. The company, which was established more than 25 years ago, is proud to be a catering partner for the entire food service industry, supplying to a variety of establishments including hotels, restaurants, bars, colleges, universities, schools, pubs, nursing homes, garden centers, and other leisure venues.

Currently, Central Foods, situated in Northamptonshire, supplies to larger national and regional wholesalers in addition to approximately 180 independent distributors.

Find out more at: https://www.centralfoods.co.uk