Clean Eatz Kitchen Presents Frozen Protein Pizzas

A new line of Protein Pizzas has been introduced by Clean Eatz Kitchen. The new pizzas, which are made with a cauliflower crust, are the ideal “cheat dinner” without any guilt, according to a press release. The Protein Pizzas are now available in Cheese, Pepperoni, and BBQ Chicken flavors; later in July, Bacon Cheeseburger and Chicken Supreme will be introduced.

In the next weeks, the Protein Pizzas will be made accessible through the distributor network of Clean Eatz Kitchen, which is now offering nationwide home delivery of them. By the end of the month, they hope to have the product on store shelves all around the country.

The newest diet innovation from Clean Eatz Kitchen is protein pizzas. According to CEO Jason Nista, “We’re continually exploring for innovative methods to make unhealthy food healthy.” The pizzas have a cauliflower crust and are topped with part-skim mozzarella cheese, homemade tomato sauce, and other ingredients. Pizzas typically include 20g of protein per dish and are gluten-free.