First Edition of Free From Food Dubai to Be Held in September

Free From Food Dubai, powered by Expo Business Communications, together with partner UAE Food & Beverage Business Group (FBMG), announced the inaugural edition of the region’s premier Free From Food Event. The event is set to take place on September 20-21 at Le Méridien, Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, United Arab Emirates.

Free From Food Dubai is will revolutionize the way business is conducted in the thriving Healthy, Organic, Vegan, Plant-Based, Functional, and Free-From food sectors across Middle Eastern countries.

Free From Food Dubai is the most dedicated networking event of its kind, with a steadfast commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle and catering to the ever-increasing demand for nutritious food options. The event brings together eminent international food manufacturers, importers, traders, retailers, and various distribution channels from European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries, providing a unique platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and business growth.

Moreover, this two day, 100% B2B event, will feature a physical showcase of innovative businesses and products, extensive curated matchmaking program with guaranteed high numbers of meetings for participants, and a conference program with global industry expert keynote speakers. Presentations covering categories free-from, vegan/plant-based, natural/organic, functional/healthy ingredients, and product features will provide invaluable market insights and education for professionals.

Free From Food Dubai has garnered significant attention from renowned industry players with participation from 50+ international brands. Notably, the event has secured the support of esteemed partners and organizers of the co-located Future Food Forum, UAE Food & Beverage Business Group (FMBG). Other supporters, including Bolst Global, Halal Trade & Marketing Centre, and Global Management assist to further solidify Free From Food Dubai’s position as a leading initiative in the healthy food landscape.

Highlighted among the exhibitors are top companies that have made significant strides in the international market, including Ladou, Luca’s Natural, Steviala, Organic & Natural Co., Polyhealth, Clearspring, Happy Earth People, and many more. Their participation underscores the significance of Free From Food Dubai in fostering international business opportunities and driving innovation within the industry.

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