Japanese Chain Introduces Ice Cream with Fries


Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen has launched two types of Dessert Potato, both of which start by taking a plate of French fries and adding a swirl of Hokkaido dairy-sourced vanilla ice cream.

The Choco Sundae Potato adds chocolate sauce and sprinkles, but the second version with a more Japanese taste, the Cream Zenzai Potato adds a second dash of Hokkaido flavor with azuki sweet red beans supplied by the northern island plus kuromitsu syrup for sweetness. First Kitchen is touting the new desserts as a delicious exercise in contrasting extremes, with the bed of hot, crisp potatoes covered with cold, melty ice cream. Some of the fries still have their skins.

Both Dessert Potato offerings are already available from January, priced at 450 yen (USD4) each. First Kitchen hasn’t specified whether they’ll become permanent parts of the menu.