Keck Offers Customized Solutions for Private Labels

Wholegrain pasta with green beans, zucchini and Brussels sprouts

Simple products like rice, flour, or pasta used to be the domain of trademarks; today, they are found at all levels of convenience, even in ready-meals and stir-fried dishes that are costly and time-consuming in production. The more demands grew, the more interesting trademarks became for Keck and Danrice.

Both companies have bundled their activities in the product groups pasta, rice, grain, and grain-like products (bulgur, quinoa, couscous) into the joint venture Ebrofrost, which is a part of the globally active Ebro Group. Keck and Danrice do not represent any of their own marketing interests on the market. This is the business of their customers which are processors in the industry or in the out of home market. But there is another group of customers: Trading companies, offering cooled or deep-frozen ready-to-heat-meals in bags, bowls or other containers under their own brands.

On the basis of their expertise Keck and Danice are able to respond exceptionally detailed to the requests of their customers and develop bespoken solutions for their production and filling. Examples of such specific product demands are noodle nests in a variety of sizes, rice and grain mixtures or special cooking points, which make the optimal consistency of the products in regenerated dishes possible.

The Out-of-Home Market – a Growing Interest in Private Labels

Private labels are also becoming more and more significant in the food service industry market. The growing proliferation of franchises throughout Europe requires high-quality products – qualitatively and culinary. Semi-skilled employees have to be able to heat them up in just a few simple steps in easy-to-operate high tech cooking or regenerating equipment promptly after being ordered.

Another product area are portion packs for rice and pasta, which were developed especially for franchises. With net weights between 50 and 300 g, franchisees are able to specify their serving size exactly and receive packages with exactly this volume. It goes without saying, Keck and Danrice also control meticulously the cooking point here, too.

With pasta, rice and grain there is no requirement which Keck and Danrice cannot find a solution for.;