Luvo Names Two Brand Ambassadors


Canadian frozen food company Luvo has announced two new brand ambassadors: Da Rulk, a functional strength and conditioning specialist and Ronnie Baker Jr., an American professional track and field athlete, and 2020 Olympic hopeful.

Luvo is the marker of Performance Kitchen, a product line featuring Mediterranean diet-inspired, nutritionist-approved meals made from nourishing whole food ingredients.

Joseph Sakoda, known as Da Rulk created the Raw Functional Training, a bodyweight movement curriculum designed to improve mobility, increase functional strength, and a series of movement modalities that optimize the central nervous system to maximize overall body performance and conditioning. Da Rulk is known internationally for this work with First Responders through the world’s military, firefighters, law enforcement, and ocean safety agencies.

“It is important to keep your body healthy while eating foods that will power your thoughts, your workout and beyond for your life’s daily activities. Now with Performance Kitchen’s, it’s easier and more enjoyable than ever,” explained Da Rulk.

As for Baker, he holds a record for the third-fastest man in the history of the 60-meter event and was ranked second in the world for the 100 meters in 2018.

“The only way I can be successful on the tracks is if I am being smart in the kitchen. Choosing foods that will energize me and contribute to my fitness, is just an important as my workouts and training sessions, and I couldn’t be happier to fuel my exercise with Performance Kitchen,” noted Baker.