Newcomers Area Returns at Internorga with Fresh Innovations


This year’s Newcomers Area at Internorga is expected to focus on healthy, sustainable and innovative products. The dedicated zone is a platform meant to showcase new market players.

In anticipation of the event, which will open its doors between March 13-17 and caters to the foodservice and hospitality market, the organizers have released a list of new companies to watch out for during the tradeshows.

fwip GmbH

The company has designed a high-tech ice cream machine called Portobello, which can help anyone – from chain stores to system catering businesses, work canteens, restaurants and food trucks – generate additional ice cream sales without major outlay.

The machine works using pods, which are completely recyclable and can be reused up to five times. The capsules do not need to be removed after the ice cream is portioned out, because this is handled by the integrated waste container, which shows on a digital display when it needs to be emptied. The machine works with or without cupholders. With a cupholder, ‘cups to go’ can be filled. Without a cupholder, cones, sundaes and frozen desserts can be created as desired. There are six, ice cream varieties to accompany the machine: plain frozen yogurt, vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel flavours of Italian gelato, and mango and strawberry sorbet as the two vegan options.


This Hamburg-based start-up helps restaurateurs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to digitize their ordering and billing processes through self-ordering. As a flexible partner, Smoothr offers both hardware and software and provides them to its customers with an individual design/branding. For this purpose, the company offers web solutions as well as self-order terminals, pick-up screens and the new self-order tablets. The Smoothr Cooler is celebrating its premiere at Internorga. This smart refrigerator is the next generation of conventional beverage vending machines. With the smart fridge, restaurateurs can sell their to-go products in offices, shopping centres, airports and train stations, among other locations. The process is simple and theft-proof because, with the help of artificial intelligence, cameras can detect which products are being taken. With this innovation, restaurateurs can sell their to-go products everywhere, completely autonomously, in smart refrigerators or boxes. This solution also serves as a great alternative to the company canteen for small and medium-sized companies.

P-Stash GmbH – a different kind of pistachio snack

The small indulgence factory in Berlin is dedicated to the production of extraordinary nut creations that stand out from the crowd due to their taste and appearance. The roasting is done in the traditional Persian style: in small quantities and at low temperatures, the nuts are given plenty of time to develop their full aroma. The whole process takes place by hand and without the addition of fat. Well matched spice combinations add a special something to the P-Stash nut creations and ensure an unforgettable taste experience. Visitors to INTERNORGA can taste pistachios with chilli and orange, almonds with vanilla and cinnamon, or cashews with pepper and lemon.

For more innovation, attendees are invited to visit Newcomers Area during Internorga, which will take place in March in Hamburg, Germany.