Real Good Foods Introduces Chicken Nuggets & Strips

The Real Good Food Company announced the launch of its most anticipated platform ever, nutritious Chicken Nuggets and Strips.

Real Good Foods is expanding into the largest frozen food category, Frozen Meat & Poultry, with a nutritious twist on one of US consumers’ favorite foods. The Frozen Meat & Poultry category, an USD8.9bn categor, is ripe for real innovation, as most breaded chicken options today offer the same nutritional profile – 20 to 30g of carbs, and breading made from processed flours and grains.

Real Good Foods’ Breaded Chicken is made from nutritious ingredients, 100% Grain-Free and Gluten-Free, with only 3g-4g net carbs and packed with 23g protein per serving. Real Good Foods’ Breaded Poultry lineup consists of four offerings: original lightly breaded nuggets, lightly breaded strips, buffalo nuggets and buffalo strips.

Real Good Foods’ Breaded Chicken is currently available at Walmart, Stop & Shop, Giant Eagle, Safeway Albertsons, as well as online.