The European Cold Chain Conference: Cutting-edge Solutions for the Cold Chain Management

On the occasion of the 19th European Cold Chain Conference, organized by the Global Cold Chain Alliance, I had a discussion with Corey Rosenbusch, President & CEO, Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) about this year’s event, its mission, as well as the activities related to the Conference, which we are presenting in this column.

By Dan Orehov, editor

Please outline a brief history of the European Cold Chain Conference (ECCC)

The European Cold Chain Conference started 19 years ago as a training program geared toward front line warehouse workers. Over the years it has evolved into an educational and networking event for leaders in the temperature controlled/perishable products industry. The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), the organizer of this year’s event, is focused on growing the industry by positioning our members’ businesses as a total supply chain solution for their customers. The conversations and discussions developed at this event are pivotal to industry growth and strengthening the cold chain as a whole.

Considering the European market for operators in the cold chain and logistics segments, which areas do you believe it serves best?

This year we expect over 125 professionals to attend from all aspects of the cold chain – from warehousing to logistics and construction to transportation. The event will focus on cutting-edge solutions and innovative approaches to cold chain management as a whole. Leading industry and business experts will share their thoughts, ideas, and solutions through keynote presentations and educational sessions focused on all aspects of the cold chain with a strong emphasis on warehousing and logistics.

What are the novelties that participants should expect for the 19th ECCC?

Participants will hear two keynote presenters talking about their cold chain strategy in Europe. The first from a CPG perspective and the second from a Retail perspective. What successes have they found in their cold supply chain, what opportunities and challenges are they facing, what is driving the retail market Europe and what are the consumer buying behaviors that are influencing the cold chain. Education sessions will cover topics including – energy, refrigeration, operational excellence, talent management, innovation and industry trends. In addition, there will be an expo featuring 15 temperature controlled logistics providers showcasing their products and services.

Please discuss the related events you have prepared for this edition

Earlier arrivers on Sunday will be able to participate in a group tour of the Heineken Experience which is an interactive tour through the beer giant’s former brewery, with a tasting room finale. They will also enjoy dinner out that night at a local restaurant. Spouses/Guests will enjoy a museum tour on Monday and will join the rest of the delegates for a wonderful reception and dinner at the historic Amsterdam Maritime Museum. On the final day delegates will conduct a facility tour of Flora Holland.

What are the main benefits offered to exhibitors and sponsors?

Exhibitor and sponsors will gain valuable exposure to senior level decision makers in the temperature controlled logistics industry. They will receive branding and logo recognition on the conference website, conference marketing emails and event signage, their logo and company description will be listed in the sponsor section of event Mobile App and much more. It is great value for the money – reaching this exclusive group of delegates

What are the main events that GCCA has prepared for 2016?

In addition to the European Conference, GCCA has over 35 educational and networking events scheduled around the world. A few highlights are below but the newest one is the Global Cold Chain Expo being launched in June in Chicago with the United Fresh Produce Association. A complete list of events and descriptions can be found on our Global Events Calendar located at

GCCA Events 2016

18 March 2016                                   GCCA Cold Chain Executive Connection Shanghai

16-19 April 16 2016                           125th IARW-WFLO Convention                  Las Vegas

12 May 2016                                       GCCA Cold Chain Executive Connection Mexico City

19-22 June 18 2016                          WFLO Graduate Institute                             Chicago

20-22 June 20 2016                          Global Cold Chain Expo                                  Chicago

27-29 June 2016                                WFLO Institute Latin America                     Panama City

1-3 August 1 2016                             GCCA Assembly of Committees                Washington, DC

3-5 November 2016                        IACSC Conference & Expo                            Miami