The Never-ending Appeal of Frozen Bakery Products

frozen bakery

Frozen bakery products have become increasingly popular among consumers and foodservice establishments due to their ability to minimize waste, extend shelf life, and maintain product quality. This has contributed to the continued growth of the market.

A recent study by Global Market Insights Inc has projected that the frozen bakery market will reach a value of USD81bn by 2032. The market is expected to be driven by increasing consumer interest in vegan and plant-based diets, which has led to significant research and development efforts and the introduction of vegan bakery items.

Furthermore, the growing preference for frozen foods among retailers, restaurants, and caterers seeking to minimize waste and adapt to shifting consumer preferences while offering a variety of treats is also anticipated to fuel market growth. In Europe, the frozen bakery market is expected to reach USD29bn by 2032, with countries like Germany boasting approximately 10,000 bakeries and an estimated annual household consumption of 56 kilograms of bread and baked goods.

Efforts by various companies to strengthen their position in the expanding bakery sector are expected to further boost market revenue. The savory snacks segment within the frozen bakery market is expected to surpass USD10.5bn by 2032, driven by increased consumption of biscuits, pizzas, frozen bread, and savory pastries. Additionally, the growing consumer preference for plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian products is fostering product innovations, fueling segment growth.

The ready-to-bake segment of the frozen bakery market is anticipated to exceed USD56.5bn by 2032, driven by rising demand from cafeterias and restaurants aiming to minimize daily resupply needs and reduce preparation time and costs without compromising food quality. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly turning to quick, convenient options provided by readily available ready-to-eat bakery products, contributing to industry expansion.

The hotels, restaurants, and catering segment is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 6% between 2023 and 2032. Frozen doughs are gaining popularity among bakers and hoteliers for their ability to streamline preparation processes and time management, facilitating service provision and daily operations organization.

Moreover, government initiatives to promote tourism are anticipated to drive segment advancement by fostering the establishment of more restaurants and hotels.

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