ChickP Showcases Dairy-Free Ice Cream

A food-tech business called ChickP Protein, Ltd. has unveiled chickpea protein isolate for use in vegan ice cream. This ancient crop’s protein concentrates on the non-dairy category to produce a delightful plant-based frozen dessert with a mouthfeel that is creamy and similar to that of dairy ice cream.

Due to lactose intolerance or sensitivity, as well as dairy allergies, many consumers are unable to enjoy eating ice cream. Additionally, a lot of people are moving away from goods with animal origins. In addition, environmental and sustainability considerations are major factors in many consumer decisions. Although there are plant-based ice creams available, they don’t have the same smooth, authentic texture as dairy ice cream.

Plant-based options are desired by more people than only vegetarians. Flexitarians are pushing the plant-based food industry, according to recent study from The Smart Protein project in Europe; 36% of flexitarians said they want to eat more plant-based dairy products. Additionally, more than 30% of flexitarians consume plant-based ice cream or sorbet on a monthly basis. The legume chickpea is gaining popularity steadily. More than 40% of flexitarians said chickpeas should be the primary component of plant-based diets. For flexitarians, selecting a plant-based diet is all about flavor and health.

“Our ChickP Isolate ingredient answers consumers’ growing demand for vegan products with a dairy-like experience,” said Liat Lachish Levy, CEO of ChickP. “Consumers, especially flexitarians, have become much pickier when choosing a frozen indulgence and will not compromise on flavor or mouthfeel. Our biggest challenge was to develop a solution that would appeal to broader populations, to give the consumer the full sensory experience of real dairy ice cream. When we started the project, the goal was to create a non-dairy ice cream that tastes, looks, and feels like the real thing.”

In collaboration with VANIGLIA, Ltd., a prestigious worldwide ice cream company with its headquarters in Israel, ChickP produced a plant-based ice cream prototype using its protein isolate. VANIGLIA supports employing conventional techniques to make ice cream, gather fresh vegetables, and use all-natural ingredients free of artificial dyes or preservatives.

ChickP’s protein isolate offers crucial capabilities, including emulsion stability, prevention of icing and crystallization, and the construction of an optimum melting profile, for producing an ice cream application. These make up the essential factors for preserving the decadent qualities of a frozen dessert over the course of its shelf life. Additionally, it has excellent whipping qualities and a fresh, neutral flavor that blends well with any desired flavor.