FPS, CMP Create Innovation Center to Accelerate Development of New Technology

An innovation center will be opened by Charlottetown Metal Products Ltd. (CMP) and Food Process Solutions (FPS) at the Canadian company’s manufacturing facility in Prince Edward Island (PEI).

The development of novel, creative, sanitary food processing methods will be the main focus of this large investment in both people and resources.

“With this commitment, the FPS and CMP team will continue to strengthen their partnership with universities and colleges, various government agencies, strategic suppliers, and the food processing customers they serve globally,” according to a press release.

Throughout 2024, the 930-square-meter Innovation Center will undergo renovations. Seven innovative projects are now in the works. The creation of a cutting-edge End-to-End Solution for packaged food goods was the first task to be finished. To handle the transfer, alignment, merge, and diverge of packaged food goods to and from chillers, freezers, and other processing equipment, several essential technologies were integrated into a forty-foot conveyor loop. Current projects concentrate on whole process line solutions that improve operational effectiveness by automating processes, utilizing less energy, and improving output.

“This investment will enable rapid acceleration of new product development and reduce time to market of several technologies we have currently in the concept phase,” Kees Jansen van Rosendaal, Director of New Product Development, FPS Food Process Solutions Corporation, mentioned.

The dedicated process engineers, design engineers, control specialists, and technicians working at the Innovation Center will have extensive backgrounds in the food processing sector. Expansion plans are already underway to bring on 10 more team members to add to CMP’s existing 165 personnel.

This innovation hub is now a reality thanks to funding from Innovation PEI. The National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) also provides CMP with advising services and money for research and development to assist breakthroughs in food processing and full-line optimization.

“I am delighted we have this opportunity to re-invest company profits into innovation. We are working hard to build a better future with advanced food processing machinery and process line solutions,” Trevor Spinney, President of Charlottetown Metal Products Ltd, added.

Jeffrey Chang, President at FPS declared that the company has had a longstanding commitment to innovation, which has fueled rapid growth since its inception.

“Through our combined efforts, our continued focus on innovation has resonated well with new and existing customers,” he concluded.

Find out more at: http://www.fpscorp.ca/