Bridor Extends Gourmet Bread Range


French bakery manufacturing company Bridor has launched three new additions to its Gourmet Breads range.

The latest Gourmet Half-Baguettes are available in three flavors:

  • Caractère Half-Baguette – is made with an exclusive Bridor blend of traditional wheat flour (T65) and gaude flour – which is made by gently toasting corn flour to deliver a pleasant hazelnut aroma and a soft golden crumb;
  • Cereals and Seeds Half-Baguette – is made with a unique cereal sourdough on a wheat flour base for a taste of germinated seeds and a soft texture. It contains an exclusive blend of wheat and spelt flours with nine seeds (white and black sesame, sunflower, amaranth, millet, white quinoa, chai, oats, buckwheat);
  • Rye and Cereals Half-Baguette – this recipe is rich in rye with a buckwheat sourdough, malted wheat and six seeds (sunflower, poppy, millet, sesame, yellow and brown flax) to create a unique taste and a dark color.

Weighing 120g, the Half-Baguettes are supplied part baked. These breads have been specially designed with an irregular, rustic appearance. They are a result of Bridor’s shaping technique that adds strength to the dough’s overall structure while ensuring a soft, honeycomb texture. The doughs are worked with a higher moisture level and long fermentation periods to deliver distinctive breads with intense taste, complex shapes and finishes.

To support the launch of its Gourmet Half-Baguettes, Bridor has teamed up with the chef and Best Craftsman in France 1997, Jean-Jacques Massé, to develop a dozen exceptional sandwich recipes that each combine know-how and quality. These include modern interpretations of French classics such as Pear & Roquefort, Duck Breast with Figs, Ham & Comté and Scrambled Egg with Gravlax Salmon. Every recipe is accompanied by a special chef’s sauce to elevate the filling – to mirror the quality of the carrier.

The Gourmet Half Baguettes are the perfect premium bakery solution for breakfast, lunch or to accompany dinner for a wide range of foodservice operators.