Canadians Love Frozen Vegetables, Nortera Survey Reveals


The results of a survey on Canadians’ attitudes about frozen vegetables were presented by Nortera, a pioneer in vegetable processing in North America. According to the survey, 85% of Canadians said they had enjoyed these affordable options throughout the previous year, and 48% of them said they had bought them at least once a month.

“As we celebrate Frozen Veggie Week, we’re thrilled to see Canadians embrace the versatility and benefits of frozen vegetables,” says Christian Malenfant, vice president Strategic Initiatives, Corporate Communications & ESG at Nortera. “When you purchase frozen vegetables, you’re getting locally grown produce that’s harvested at its peak freshness and flash-frozen to preserve their essential nutrients.”

The primary drivers of frozen vegetable purchases among Canadians who had previously made such purchases were also investigated in the Léger* Omnibus survey.

These diverse include the long shelf life (frozen vegetables store well in the freezer for several months, according to 51% of respondents), convenience (37% of respondents said they buy frozen vegetables because they are time-saving in the kitchen), year-round availability (frozen vegetables are readily available even during off-season periods, according to 34% of survey participants), money saving (given that the cost of frozen vegetables is constant all year round, 27% of respondents claim that their main reason for purchasing them is cost savings), and minimizing food waste (according to 23% of respondents, the main reason they buy frozen vegetables is to help cut down on food waste).

With food prices skyrocketing, 33% of Canadians who have previously bought frozen vegetables said they are now doing it more regularly due to the rise in shopping expenses. The demographic groups with the highest statistical significance are those aged 18–34 (42%), those with children living at home (42%), and those aged 35–54 (38%).

In Canada, green peas make up 14.2% of all frozen vegetable purchases, making them the most popular frozen vegetable. In addition to topping the charts, these adaptable green vegetables may be used as a blank canvas for a wide range of simple, delectable meals, including soups and pasta dishes. The following most common options are broccoli, mixed vegetables, and corn.

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